A Conversation about Reading with Kylene Beers

Dr. Kylene Beers

This video features authors Kylene Beers and Robert Probst talking about the origin of Notice & Note Signposts. By using the concrete scaffold of Signposts in close reading, students eventually become more reflective readers and learn to make connections, analyze arguments, ask questions, explore language, and discover meaning.

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Listen to this podcast and learn how Notice & Note close reading protocol, which is embedded throughout HMH Into Reading and HMH Into Literature™, invites students not only into the text but also into the conversation—empowering them to become critical thinkers and effective communicators.

Notice and Note Podcast
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Watch this short classroom video showing how Notice and Note help students learn key reading strategies.

Video: Notice and Note in the Classroom
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HMH Into Reading

Kylene Beers is an author of HMH Into Reading, a K-6 core literacy solution designed to meet the diverse growth needs of every learner in your classroom to accelerate learning. HMH Into Reading allows you to guide students on the path to independent reading and effective oral and written communication.

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HMH Into Literature

HMH Into Literature is a comprehensive 6-12 literacy curriculum that provides everything you need to empower your students to love reading, hone their unique speaking and writing voices, and confidently communicate with the world.