Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency (TOSWRF-2)  Complete Kit-1520752

Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency (TOSWRF-2) Complete Kit

The Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency, Second Edition (TOSWRF-2) measures a student's ability to recognize printed words accurately and efficiently. It is composed of two equivalent Student Record Forms and a test manual. The TOSWRF-2 can be used by classroom teachers, special education teachers, reading specialists, school psychologists, or any other education professional who has some training in standardized test administration. It was normed using a representative sample of more than 3,592 individuals ranging in age from six years, six months to seventeen years, eleven months years and residing in 34 states. The TOSWRF-2 yields raw scores, standard scores, percentiles, and age and grade equivalents. Using a testing format originally pioneered by Guilford in his Structure of Intellect studies, the TOSWRF-2 measures a student's current reading skill levels by counting the number of printed words that he or she can identify within 3 minutes.

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