Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test-3 (Jordan-3)  Reversal Test Kit-1512108

Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test-3 (Jordan-3) Reversal Test Kit

This norm-referenced test assesses visual reversals of letters, numbers, and words in students 5 through 18 years of age, providing an accurate and cost-effective way to screen for learning problems and plan remediation. It is an excellent screening instrument for the early detection of learning disabilities. The Third Edition is comprised of two parts and five subtests. Two overall scores are provided: Correct Responses and Errors. In addition, Laterality Checklists allow you to evaluate the child's preference for one side of the body, for unilateral tasks. Once the child has settled on a lateral preference, it is easier to remediate letter reversals.

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  • Product Code: 1512108

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