Developmental Profile (DP-3)  Interview Forms, Package of 25-1518426

Developmental Profile (DP-3) Interview Forms, Package of 25

The DP-3 is an excellent way to identify developmental strengths and weaknesses early in a child's life. Its norm-based standard scores allow you to compare children's functioning with that of their peers, design interventions that meet their particular needs, and monitor their progress over time.
Because the DP-3 meets federal criteria for evaluating children with developmental problems, it's useful in helping determine eligibility for special education, planning IEPs, and implementing periodic screening programs. Its five scales correspond to the five domains specified in IDEA for assessing developmental delays. In addition, the DP-3's interview format and provision of a parent report satisfy the federal requirement that parents be involved in their child's assessment.

  • Grade: Toddler-12
  • Material Type: Administration Materials
  • Product Code: 1518426

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