What Your Financial Advisor Isn't Telling You: The 10 Essential Truths You Need to Know About Your Money

by Liz Davidson

A stunning and highly educational personal finance book aimed at everyone who has a financial advisor or has ever considered hiring one. This book will serve as your Rosetta Stone to interpreting financial jargon and will enable you to ask the tough questions to protect your money and your financial well-being.

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  • ISBN-13/EAN: 9780544633346
  • ISBN-10: 0544633342
  • Pages: 256
  • Publication Date: 01/05/2016
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About the book

“This book is mandatory reading for anyone who wants a better understanding of how to manage their money.”—Mary Beth Franklin, InvestmentNews 


“Accessible and practical, this guide contains valuable tools for managing one’s personal finances for maximum results.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review 


It seems like a foolproof decision: if you want to be smart about protecting and growing your wealth, you should seek guidance from a trained financial advisor. 


As CEO of the country’s largest provider of workplace financial wellness programs, Liz Davidson has seen firsthand how that seemingly smart decision can go awry for many people. Why? Because you can never blindly trust that your advisor has your best interests at heart. There are many benefits to working with a financial pro, but there are some things you should know first. 


That’s where this book comes in. Drawing on her insider’s knowledge of how the financial advice profession really works, Davidson reveals how to judge whether an advisor is going to help or harm your savings. How should you decide if you really need an advisor? What financial moves can you make without their help? What important questions should you ask before trusting them with your money? What are the red flags you should run from? And what does all their jargon really mean? 


This friendly, no-nonsense guide is a must-read if you want to finally take control of your financial well-being, either with a financial advisor or without one.

About the author
Liz Davidson

LIZ DAVIDSON, founder and CEO of Financial Finesse, is one of the nation's leading financial education experts. She has been profiled in national publications, on radio broadcasts, and on television shows, and maintains a Forbes blog. At twenty-eight, Davidson left a successful career running a hedge fund to establish a financial education firm that would provide the information people need to make sound financial decisions. Today, Financial Finesse is the country's largest provider of unbiased financial wellness programs. She holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA.



“Accessible and practical, this guide contains valuable tools for managing one’s personal finances for maximum results.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review 


“This book is mandatory reading for anyone who wants a better understanding of how to manage their money.” 

Mary Beth Franklin, InvestmentNews   


“We recently expanded our partnership with Liz and her company, Financial Finesse, and in doing so, have helped countless former NFL players avoid disastrous financial mistakes and make educated decisions on hiring financial advisors. I highly encourage anyone who wants to become, or stay, financially secure to read this book – the results are life-changing.”    

Bahati VanPelt, Executive Director, The Trust (Powered by the NFLPA) 


What Your Financial Advisor Isn't Telling You offers readers excellent, practical advice that is truly insightful. Liz and her company, Financial Finesse, empower you to take charge of your money and demand that your financial advisors work in your best interest. Don't miss this book.”  

Kerry Hannon, Personal Finance columnist for The New York Times and Forbes.com, and Best Selling Author of Getting The Job You Want After 50, Love Your Job, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, and What's Next