Little Pear

by Eleanor Frances Lattimore and Malene Laugesen

The echanting escapades of a little boy living in China 100 years ago

  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13/EAN: 9780152055028
  • ISBN-10: 0152055029
  • Pages: 128
  • Publication Date: 01/01/2006
  • Carton Quantity: 48

About the book

Little Pear is a young boy who lives in a small village in China. Although his story takes place long ago, he is much like any little boy today--always on the lookout for excitement and adventure!

Little Pear is just looking for fun, but he has a knack for finding trouble without even trying! Join him as he stows away to the fair in a wheelbarrow full of vegetables, nearly flies away on a kite, has a mishap with a firecracker, and is rescued from the river by a houseboat family.

About the author
Eleanor Frances Lattimore

ELEANOR FRANCES LATTIMORE (1904-1986) was an American citizen born and raised in Shanghai. She began her career as an artist but became known as the author and illustrator of more than fifty popular children's books. A number of her stories are based on her experiences growing up in China.


"This story has charm and a natural, childlike quality which will endear it to the six- and seven-year-olds who are beginning to read by themselves."--The New York Herald Tribune