Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Ensure a path to success for every student

ESSA plans are complete and now the rewarding work of building achievement and successful outcomes for all students begins in earnest. Your district is on its own journey, and HMH® is dedicated to supporting your unique vision and goals every step of the way.

Our philosophy in developing programs and services at HMH is driven by these three guiding forces of ESSA:


We believe that every student, regardless of circumstance, has the right to a high-quality education.


Our research-driven programs and services enable educators to evaluate and implement programs with the confidence that they will reach every student.


Developed with input from thousands of educators, HMH solutions are grounded in learning science to deliver on their evidence-based promises.

Provide High-Quality Preschool

Give early learners access to high-quality programs so they can get a strong start on their educational journey.

Implement Evidence-Based Practices

Empower decision makers to develop their own effective systems for school improvement based on evidence; the more rigorous the evidence is around an intervention, the greater the potential for funding.

Maintain Accountability

Guarantee that when students fall behind, state resources are focused on the lowest-performing schools, high schools with high dropout rates, and schools where specific student groups are struggling.

Deliver Better Assessments

Rethink accountability to look at the whole child, academically and socially/emotionally.

Ensure Strong Teachers in Every Classroom

Prepare all teachers to reach every learner with high-quality, personalized instruction across the curriculum. Ensure that great teachers are with the students who need them most.

Invest in Innovation

Establish new resources to investigate promising practices and replicate proven practices that provide the best student outcomes.

Understanding the Evidence
Understanding the Evidence

With a renewed focus on evidence—and a new definition of the term as it relates to ESSA—states and districts are encouraged to adopt evidence-based resources with implementations that can be scaled in order to improve student outcomes. What tools work and to what degree do they work?

Levels Of Efficacy
Strong Evidence

A well-designed, well-implemented experimental study (i.e., randomized control groups) with statistically significant and positive effects

Moderate Evidence

A well-implemented quasi-experimental study (i.e., matched treatment and control groups) with statistically significant and positive effects

Promising Evidence

A well-implemented correlational study with statistical controls for selection bias with statistically significant and positive effects

Demonstrates a Rationale

A program or practice, under evaluation, that is informed by research indicating it will likely improve student outcomes

You can use this checklist to help determine whether a program supports your goals:
  • The research question is clearly stated.
  • The ESSA levels are readily identifiable and the methodology is described.
  • If there are any limitations, they are shared.
  • The number of participants ensures confidence.
  • The participants share characteristics with your students.

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Our Solutions
Our Solutions

HMH is committed to offering support, services, and solutions that align with the renewed ESSA goals of raising the standards of exellence through evidence-based programs that are proven to work.

Literacy Header

Our PreK–12 literacy curriculum, instruction, assessment, and intervention solutions are designed to engage, empower, and propel reading success for the whole classroom.

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Our PreK–12 math curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development are all aligned to foster students’ academic growth and build teachers’ effectiveness.

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Professional Services

Our professional learning allows educators to work shoulder to shoulder with leading practitioners, transforming student outcomes and school performance.

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News & Resources
News & Resources

Stay on top of ESSA research and news with articles from thought leaders on our blog, Shaped.

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