The tools you need for instruction and intervention

When students need help, it’s important to intervene quickly. easyCBM identifies specific curricular weaknesses immediately instead waiting for the next school year. easyCBM provides real-time reports, which make it easy to assess key components of reading and math concepts across Grades K–8 and take action.

easyCBM offers a curriculum-based measurement

Measures are based on the Big Five constructions from the National Reading Panel®. Lexile scores in the Reading Comprehension Assessment allow teachers and parents to choose instructional resources that match students’ reading levels.

Math measures are developed from the NCTM® Focal Point Standards.

Next Gen Learning
Optional next-generation learning standards can be implemented for Reading 3-8 and Math 6-8.

Data-driven reporting provides key insights

Universal Screener
A universal screener given to all students at regular intervals, decided by the district, provides benchmarks for key achievement areas.

Response to Intervention
Brief assessments administered to individual students or small groups receiving support monitor their response to intervention.

Progress Monitoring
easyCBM’s data management system provides information on how students are moving across instructional tiers and targets aim lines for improvement.

Easy-to-read reports for groups guide classroom and district planning, and individual reports identify at-risk students and drive intervention decisions.

easyCBM offers flexible administration to fit your testing time

Online testing and scoring options allow you to manage student performance and progress without waiting for results.

“Our teachers appreciate being able to identify specific circular weaknesses during the school year rather than waiting for test results to be returned the next school year.”

Wesley Gordon Teacher Resource Coordinator, Vestavia Hills City Schools, AL

Designed to provide data that reflect real-time student knowledge, easyCBM supports planning for individuals, classes, buildings, and districts. Its online testing and reporting systems make administration flexible and accessible.

Expected Results
Address your whole audience

Test features such as adjustable font sizes, audio capabilities, and a lower language load for math ensure inclusivity for your diverse student population.

Guarantee compliance

High-quality item content and practical, easy-to-interpret reports ensure that your district meets federal RTI requirements.

Increase student achievement

Actionable data informs instructional decision-making at the district, school, classroom, and student level.

Record the journey

EasyCBM provides documentation of each student’s ongoing plans, goals, and response to intervention.

Reduce reaction time

Online assessments give your student results immediately, providing real-time data to guide instruction.

Find out how easyCBM can make progress easy for your district.