Written & Developed by Marilyn Burns

Marilyn Burns is one of today’s most highly respected mathematics educators. In 1984, she formed Math Solutions Professional Development, an organization dedicated to the improvement of math instruction in Grades K-8.

Over the course of more than 50 years, Marilyn has taught children, led in-service sessions, and written acclaimed professional learning and children’s books. Marilyn continues to teach regularly in the classroom, finding the experience essential to developing and testing new ideas and materials.

Marilyn and her Do The Math coauthors—Eunice Hendrix-Martin, Leo Kostelnik, Melody Randel, Susan Scharton, Danielle Weill, Maryann Wickett, and Lynne Zolli—continue to refine their methods for supporting students who struggle with math so every child has a real chance for success.

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