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Based on years of research that demonstrate the importance of teacher-student interactions, immediate and regular access to the best literature available, and the need for social-emotional development instruction, Big Day for PreK offers teachers a thematic and integrated approach to guiding our youngest learners. Organized around eight themes that grow in scope as children become more aware of their surroundings, the program introduces children to math, literacy, science, and the arts in a way that feels like play and inspires joyful engagement.

Big Day was designed based on proven early childhood principles.

Offering the best fiction and nonfiction available ensures our youngest readers become lifelong lovers of literature.

Innovative technology merges home and classroom interaction with a host of virtual learning activities.

Comprehensive Support
Materials place everything from lesson plans to wall charts and math mats at a teacher’s fingertips.

An instructional model designed around relevant, child-friendly themes

A research-based approach helps children to acquire social-emotional development, with social skills interwoven into every activity. Big Day’s multi-tiered model revolves around eight relevant and child-friendly themes that broaden as the year progresses. Each of four weeks‘ of instruction is centered around a Big Idea designed to engage children.

Big Experiences provide integrated learning opportunities and introduce children to new vocabulary, concepts, and skills.

Relevant Themes
Big Day’s multi-tiered model revolves around eight relevant and child-friendly themes that broaden as the year progresses.

Weekly Big Ideas
Using these themes as an anchor, children are guided through four weeks of instruction on each theme. Each week is centered around a Big Idea designed to engage children.

Social-Emotional Development
Based on research demonstrating the importance of integrating social-emotional development into preschool curriculum, social skills are interwoven into every activity.


Program Components

Big Day for PreK supports intentional and integrated prekindergarten instruction with the engaging tools that help children develop oral language, emergent literacy, and social-emotional skills.

Teacher Experience

Big Day for PreK provides everything teachers need to create and manage a purposeful and fun early-learning environment in full-day or half-day prekindergarten settings. Lesson plans and materials are flexible and meet the needs of all prekindergarten classrooms.

Big Day for PreK supports every preschool teacher’s growth as a professional.

Professional Learning Guide
Best practices for prekindergarten instruction across preschool curriculum domains are included in the Professional Handbook and embedded throughout each Teaching Guide.

Free Web Series
Listen, interact, and exchange ideas with leading experts to ensure that your classroom and community are at the forefront of research-based and standards-aligned practice.

Professional Learning
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® is committed to partnering with schools to support a strong implementation of Big Day for PreK with courses and in classroom coaching.

“A theme-based curriculum provides structure and repetition to help children deepen understanding of words in varied contexts.”

Dr. Maria Elena Arguelles Researcher and Educational Consultant

Preview a sample of a Big Day for PreK lesson.