The research is clear. Advanced courses foster student success.

Prepare emerging adults for a successful transition to college with broad access to advanced-level courses.

Proven Content

Excite and challenge students with time-tested content and innovative pedagogy delivered by renowned classroom and research thought leaders, including Dr. Erin Fouberg, Dr. Alexander Murphy, and Karen Huffman.

Equal Access

Authoritative text is augmented by illustrations, examples, and purposeful student activities to accommodate diverse skills and interests and ensure a deep understanding of concepts and their real-world applications.

Purposeful Technology

Every program is enhanced by a full suite of digital assets, including elements such as videos, tutorials, and problem-solving practice that measure each student's progress in real time.

Student and Teacher Experiences

Whether teaching online or in classroom, HMH Advanced Placement & Electives offers the tools and support necessary to challenge students to succeed on the AP exam or prepare for college and career. Aid each student’s journey across all social studies subjects with an integrated set of solutions, providing value for teachers and students in a variety of ways.