Human Geography for the AP Course

Human Geography for the AP Course teaches students about the diversity of people, places, and cultures. While preparing students for course and exam success, this rigorous program offers critical insights into global, regional, national, and local issues. The integration of Threshold Concepts helps students to think geographically.

Visualizing Human Geography

With thrilling content, Visualizing Human Geography: At Home in a Diverse World, Third Edition prompts students to move beyond memorization and see human geography as a dynamic and growing science. Photographs, maps, and illustrations bring the colorful diversity of human cultures, political systems, and migration to life.

Understanding World Regional Geography

Understanding World Regional Geography is designed to teach students to think geographically so they can continue to apply geographic concepts long after the course is over. Students learn to read cultural and physical landscapes, ask geographic questions, and make geographic connections.

Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts

Since its first appearance, Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts has consistently broken new ground in the interpretation and teaching of world regional geography. The authors look at the ways people have organized their living space and adapted to changing social and environmental circumstances ranging from globalization to climate change.