1:1 Tutoring

Amira is the teacher's reading assistant that provides 1:1 reading tutoring to multiple students at the same time. Students receive the benefits of 1:1 micro-interventions rooted in the Science of Reading. You only need an an internet connection and a tablet or laptop.

Accelerate reading growth

Amira delivers micro-interventions in these categories: phonological awareness; decoding; sight recognition; logic, literacy knowledge, and language structures; and knowledge building.

Teacher’s assistant
Amira focuses on tutoring, not instruction. This keeps the teacher in control while enabling the student to benefit from personal attention.

Effective and research based
Amira's tutoring is proven to be as effective as time with a human tutor and even more effective for English learners.

Engaging for all students
Amira keeps readers engaged with the right practice and tutoring for each student.