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READ 180 works—and we have the research to prove it. In fact, READ 180 is now the world’s most thoroughly researched reading intervention program. Hundreds of studies have shown that it is effective at raising students’ reading achievement.

On this page, you can check out a few key studies. You can also discover what teachers, other parents, and READ 180 students themselves say about how READ 180 helps struggling readers improve their academic skills–and their lives.

  • Elizabeth
    Success Story
    Full Story (PDF)
  • Results Support Effectiveness of READ 180 for English Language Learners Download (PDF)
  • READ 180 English Language Learners Outperform Their Peers by 62% on State ELA Test Download (PDF)
  • Gregmarie
    Success Story
    Full Story (PDF)
  • READ 180 Students Outperform Their Peers on State Reading Assessment Download (PDF)
  • Number of READ 180 Students Scoring Proficient on Ohio Achievement Assessment Tripled Download (PDF)
  • Samantha
    Success Story
    Full Story (PDF)
  • Middle School Students Exceed Expected Growth on HMH Reading Inventory Download (PDF)
  • The Percentage of READ 180 Students Achieving Proficiency on the State Test More Than Quadrupled Download (PDF)
"Have you ever gotten an A before? I do all the time, now that I'm in
READ 180."

Carly, Student

Indiana, Grade 5

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"READ 180 is truly helping my students to DO a 180. The students now enjoy reading because they have more confidence and believe in themselves. These kids have hope for the future."

READ 180 Educator

Maplewood, MN

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"After applying myself in my READ 180 class, I am getting better grades in all my classes—especially reading and math. That's a good feeling."

Kyle, Student

Louisiana, Grade 6

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"I have seen my READ 180 students improve in all aspects of reading. They answer questions, volunteer to read aloud, and improve their confidence in the total reading experience."

READ 180 Educator

New York, NY

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"School has become more fun now that I can compete with other kids for good grades. I used to wait for the day to be over, but now I can't wait to get here."

Dyangelo, Student

Pennsylvania, Grade 10

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"I notice over time that many of my students begin to join clubs or try out for teams. Negative attitudes dissolve in the READ 180 classroom, and they are replaced with a new desire to succeed."

READ 180 Educator, Special Education

Floral Park, NY

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"READ 180 has helped me a lot! My Lexile score keeps going up, and I'm getting better and better at reading and learning English."

Chawanwit, English Language Learner

Florida, Grade 8

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"My students speak openly of how READ 180 has enabled them to pursue the elusive goal their parents promised them when they came to the United States: a better life."

READ 180 Educator, English Language Learners

Galloway, OH

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"READ 180 has made quite a difference. I no longer have to worry that an inability to read will keep me from attending college or enjoying the many books that line my bedroom shelves."

Laura, Special Education Student

Pennsylvania, Grade 11

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"We are blown away with the progress our daughter has made. She reads at home every day and has really developed a love for reading."

Parent of READ 180 Student

Mount Juliet, TN

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Research Snapshot

Percentage of middle school students achieving proficiency on the TAKS more than quadruples

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