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Helping Your Child Learn English

Discover ways to help your child learn English at home and outside the classroom.

60 Seconds to Success



Here you’ll find a guide to reading by age, articles on child development, homework help, and activities you can do with your child to promote reading at home.


iRead Supports All Children

iRead helps children who are learning English with motivating, research-based supports. English language learners at all stages of second-language acquisition will develop foundational reading skills that will help them in every academic subject.

Special Features

  • Vocabulary Development Throughout the Software, images and context sentences are provided for over 1,000 target words.
  • First Language Support in Spanish The Software includes Spanish cognates and translations for all vocabulary words. Success eBooks include Spanish previews, as well as read-alouds that model fluent reading. In addition, activity help for all Software activities is available in Spanish.
  • Pronunciation Support Audio support, including Articulation videos, models correct pronunciation of all of the 44 sounds of English and thousands of words.
  • Multicultural Content Images and text represent many cultures, making the program relevant to students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Fluent Models iRead eBooks include Spanish previews, as well as fluent read-alouds that model accurate expression and allow students to practice what they have just learned.
  • Lots of Practice During computer time, students have opportunities for repeated practice in a safe learning environment. Students work at their own pace with many opportunities to practice reading aloud.