Program Overview

Are your students struggling with fractions?

Introducing Fraction Nation

Fraction Nation targets fractions and decimals — two of the most difficult concepts to teach and learn. Designed to develop the critical foundations of fraction fluency — conceptual understanding and procedural knowledge  — Fraction Nation delivers fraction fluency through explicit instruction, extensive practice, and ongoing assessments. Fraction Nation guides students on a journey through 64 carefully crafted lessons to build a strong foundation in fractions and decimals — all in 15-minute lessons.

  • Research-based fraction instruction


  • Adaptive technology to meet each student's needs


  • Actionable reports for placement and progress monitoring


  • Teacher support to build capacity and expertise


  • Compelling & motivational to engage learners


  • 15-minute instructional sessions support any curriculum


  • Lessons align with What Works Clearinghouse recommendations for fraction instruction.