Expert 21
Reading, Writing + Thinking for the 21st Century  [Grades 6-9]
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Expert Space
Supporting All Learners with Reading Scaffolds and Learning Tools
Expert Space is an online learning environment that features reading scaffolds to make texts accessible to all students, plus leveled articles, web links, and more help students extend learning and make cross-curricular connections. Students have 24/7 access to Expert Space to support their reading, research and writing at school or at home.

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Personal Learning Tools Help Students Develop and Practice 21st Century Skills
Expert Space also features a number of interactive learning tools to help students develop executive functions like goal setting, planning, organizing assignments, and more.
Plan and Complete Assignments
A personal calendar, automated status updates, and “what’s next” prompts help students develop the skills to plan and complete longer assignments.
Organize Work
Students can stay organized by saving relevant articles, Web links, note cards and other work to their digital locker.
Take Notes, Cite Sources and More
Support for note taking and creating citations in three formats helps students develop good academic habits and practices.