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Reading, Writing + Thinking for the 21st Century  [Grades 6-9]
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What's the Right Next Step for your READ 180 students?

Learn More About How Expert 21 Supports READ 180  Students

As your READ 180 students experience success and graduate out of intervention, they should feel as if they are continuing on a path of reading achievement. Expert 21 is the new core English Language Arts program that will keep your READ 180 students moving in the right direction.

This comprehensive program builds on the best practices of READ 180, but gradually reduces the scaffolding and engages students with modern, relevant-and on-level-English Language Arts content. The result: all students develop the literary and writing expertise they need to thrive in the 21st Century.

Expert 21 provides educators with everything they need to engage, motivate, and support all students: Ensure your READ 180 students continue on a path of success with Expert 21.