Expert 21
Reading, Writing + Thinking for the 21st Century  [Grades 6-9]
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Read & Synthesize
Literature and Informational Readings

Each workshop in Expert 21 features six readings plus an expert reading. Readings are a diverse array of classic and contemporary literature and informational texts.
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Classic and Contemporary Literature

The Power of Literature
A diverse collection of classic and contemporary literature offers adolescents a mirror to themselves and a window to the world. Selected for their ability to provoke critical thinking and discussion, each literary reading in Expert 21 helps students develop the comprehension and literary analysis skills they'll need to be lifelong readers.

Literature Circle Guides Literature Circle options enable teachers to incorporate even more literature into each workshop. These guides provide discussion questions and instruction for quality novels found in many middle and high school classroom libraries. Course I Literature Circle Novels ((link to popup stays the same)) Course II Literature Circle Novels ((link to popup stays the same)) Course III Literature Circle Novels ((link to popup stays the same))

Informational Texts
Adolescent readers love to learn "about" things. Research indicates that exposure to informational texts can build students’ literacy skills while simultaneously building bridges to the content areas.

The Power of Information Through the informational texts in Expert 21, students will be able to read to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information, data, and multiple points of view. These are the new basic literacy skills. Expert 21 supports the goal of forming a foundation for higher order thinking and reading.

Web-Based Reading Support Core readings from the 21Book are also available online, enabling students to read selections anywhere there is an Internet connection. When reading online, students can access scaffolds such as the Read Aloud tool, dictionary, and anchor media.