Expert 21
Reading, Writing + Thinking for the 21st Century  [Grades 6-9]
Expert 21 and the Common Core State Standards
The only new English Language Arts program that was created from the ground up, using the foundational research and working drafts of the Common Core State Standards.

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Designed to ensure all students are college and career ready, Expert 21 aligns to the substance and spirit of the Common Core State Standards:
  • Mix of 60% informational texts and 40% literature selections.
  • Instructional design that builds knowledge and understanding through increasingly complex texts, skill development, and assignments.
  • A diverse array of genres including short story, poem, myth, infographic, magazine article, play, and more.
  • Explicit instruction on using data to make an argument, understanding and evaluating persuasive techniques, supporting recommendations with evidence, and more.
  • Daily opportunities for reflection and academic discussion in one-on-one, small-group, and whole-class settings.
  • Vocabulary and language development through direct instruction, conversation and writing prompts, and repeated readings of text.
  • The only English Language Arts program with explicit instruction in 21st Century skills such as navigating the web, asking good questions, reaching group consensus, and more.
  • Access to web-based technology featuring 125,000+ leveled nonfiction articles, with reader and task scaffolds, to extend learning on every workshop.