Expert 21
Reading, Writing + Thinking for the 21st Century  [Grades 6-9]
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21 st Century Skills & Strategies
College and Career Readiness
Only in Expert 21 do students receive direct instruction in essential 21st Century skills and strategies including:
  • Thinking critically and making judgments
  • Solving complex, multidisciplinary, open-ended problems
  • Creativity and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Communicating and collaborating
  • Making innovative use of knowledge, information, and opportunities
  • Taking charge of financial, health, and civic responsibilities
Direct Instruction in 21 st Century Skills

In each workshop, students are presented with real-world situations that enables students to practice these skills with classmates or independently.

Expert File cards offer students explicit models, directions, and support as they practice 21 st Century Skills. These cards enable students to work alone or in groups while using skills such as brainstorming, creating a wiki, doing a SWOT analysis, or writing a résumé.
See the 21st Century Learning Chart

Culminating Real-World Projects and Writing

Each course in Expert 21 features eight Expert Projects, performance-based activities that present research, writing, and presentation opportunities. Each project is a real-world activity that requires the analysis and inclusion and data and information.

Web-Based Learning Environment

Expert 21’s online learning environment features 125,000+ leveled nonfiction articles, web links, and more to support research and extend learning in the classroom, computer lab, or at home. Students will also find 21 st Century tools that support note taking, setting goals, and more to facilitate the completion of projects and assignments.