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    In 2012, our Research Department conducted a study in the Miami-Dade County Public School District to document the impact of implementing Do The Math with struggling students in Grades 3–5.


    This study illustrates the effectiveness of Do The Math in raising student achievement and increasing student confidence:

    • Students showed significant improvements on SMI testing, which suggests that students made connections to grade-level content as a result of their work with Do The Math.
    • Do The Math students were more likely than their counterparts at the same schools to show growth on the 2012 math FCAT.
    • Teachers and administrators overwhelmingly agreed that Do The Math improved their students' confidence and overall understanding of math.
  • Professional Paper

    The RTI Alignment Guide assists Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and schools that are currently implementing or are considering adopting a Response to Intervention (RTI) approach. The guide provides key background information on current education policies related to RTI and demonstrates how Do The Math can complement and strengthen the implementation of RTI and ultimately raise student achievement. 

    The Alignment Guide provides:

    • RTI Overview
    • Do The Math Overview
    • Alignment of Do The Math to RTI Core Components
  • Validation Study

    In 2008, our Research and Validation Department collaborated with independent research consultants to conduct a study in six New York City Schools on the impact of implementing Do The Math.


    This validation study demonstrates the effectiveness of Do The Math in three key areas:

    • Do The Math raises student achievement
    • Do The Math can be easily implemented by all teachers
    • Do The Math works in multiple settings