Math Reads gives teachers the support they need to integrate children’s books into their math instruction. With libraries for kindergarten through Grade 5, each grade-level collection includes books that engage students’ interest and provide springboards for math lessons, along with lesson ideas from Math Solutions instructors that involve students in thinking, reasoning, solving problems, and making sense of mathematics.


Titles for Math Reads include contemporary and classic fiction and nonfiction children’s books. The use of children’s books serves to engage children and stimulate their imaginations. Each grade level includes 25 children’s literature titles with five copies of each to support whole-class instruction.



Each book in the Math Reads program is paired with a lesson card, including step-by-step teaching instruction, designed to address the range of math content at each grade level and support regular math instruction. Lessons:

  • Introduce math topics
  • Help students build mental models for abstract concepts
  • Deepen conceptual understanding
  • Reinforce topics previously taught
  • Extend Do The Math content to geometry, measurement, and data analysis