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To access the latest technical information for Math Inventory, please select from our resources listed below. These resources include specific product information, the latest software updates, and detailed technical manuals.

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Title Date Version Size Pages
Math Inventory Installation Guide v3.1.x
Whole Book
Math Inventory Installation Guide
A guide to installing Math Inventory version 3.1.x and Student Achievement Manager (SAM) version 3.1.x.
07-01-19 v3.1.x 1.2mb 39 Download Now >>
Math Inventory Software Manual v3.1.x
Whole Book
Math Inventory Software Manual v3.1.x
How to use Math Inventory version 3.1.x software.
07-01-19 v3.1.x 849kb 26 Download Now >>
Using SAM Central with Math Inventory v3.1.x
Whole Book
Using SAM Central with Math Inventory v3.1.x
How to set Math Inventory program settings and run Math Inventory reports in SAM version 3.1.x.
07-01-19 v3.1.x 2.2mb 49 Download Now >>
Math Inventory Version 3.1 FAQs
Whole Book
Math Inventory Version 3.1 FAQs
A quick guide to changes in Math Inventory in Version 3.1
07-01-19 v3.1.x 301kb 5 Download Now >>
Next Generation Dashboard Guide v3.1.x
Whole Book
Next Generation Dashboards Guide
How to log in and use the Teacher Dashboard and Leadership Dashboard in Next Generation programs. Also includes Leadership Dashboards for iRead and MATH 180.
07-01-19 v3.1.x 1.9mb 38 Download Now >>
Math Inventory Archive Version 3.x +Show
Math Inventory 2019 Release Note Archive +Show