Oct 22

Free Ed Tech Webinar on November 12, 2018

Please join our software experts in this Q&A session to learn about the latest updates for your HMH® intervention programs, outstanding technical issues, and updates on Flash® to HTML5 conversions.

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Oct 21

October 2018 Updates

Click here to view the October 19, 2018 updates to Math Inventory, and HMH Teacher Central.


Click here to view the October 9-13, 2018 updates to SAM, MATH 180 Course I, Math Inventory, HMH Teacher Central, Next Generation Dashboards, and Reading Counts!


Oct 11


Reading Counts!  was offline for emergency maintenance on October 8, 2018, to resolve an issue causing quiz questions answered correctly to be scored incorrectly. This issue has been resolved and Reading Counts! is functioning normally. Our engineering team will purge all invalid quizzes on 10/8 and we recommend that the students retest.  We apologize for this inconvenience.   

Please report any further issues to the HMH Product Support help desk at 1-800-283-5974. 


Oct 11

Additional Program Quizzes Added to Reading Counts!

Reading Counts! Quiz Search now also contains quizzes for READ 180 Universal, READ 180 Next Generation, and System 44 Next Generation (including California edition). For more information on navigating the Quiz Search and deactivating unneeded quizzes, click the link below. 

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Oct 02

Latest Updates Regarding HMH Programs That Use Flash

Innovative Teaching System HTML5 version coming in October. 


Google will release  Chrome OS v.69 and Chrome browser updates in early September. These updates will require students and teachers to click Allow whenever logging in to Flash-based programs including READ 180 Next Generation, MATH 180iREADFASTT Math, and SAM. 

Phonics InventoryReading Counts! and the Next Generation Dashboards have all been upgraded to HTML5. These HTML5 versions are now available.


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Sep 07

Important Notice for Teachers Using the eBook Library or the Interactive Teaching System

A new version of the eReader (used in the Interactive Teaching System and the READ 180 and System 44 eBook Libraries) will be going live in the coming weeks. The new version will feature an updated interface; however, it will not carry over previously saved notes and highlights. Teachers who have notes and highlights in their eReader books should save them in Word documents prior to the upgrade. 

Contact HMH Technical Support for more information. 


Aug 10

Important Notice for Users of Big Day for PreK

Due to upgraded security requirements, some teachers will need to reset their Big Day for Pre-K passwords using both upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and at least one special character. This change is effective July 23, 2018. 


Users having continuing issues with logging in should click here for assistance. 

Contact Technical Support at 1-800-283-5974 or through the Product Support Site (click here) for more information or assistance. 

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Jul 23

Version 3.x Programs Are Here!

Districts and schools with SAM Servers hosted by HMH will notice their programs have been upgraded to version 3.x. Documentation has also been upgraded.


Districts and schools hosting their own local SAM Servers may now download their version 3.x programs. HMH is discontinuing shipping installation DVDs.


Note that SAM version 3.x will deactivate older versions of SAM and SAM Suite programs. These programs will need to be upgraded to version 3.x to work with SAM version 3.x. Any existing installation running SAM version 2.x may be upgraded directly to version 3.x. Other programs will automatically reactivate after installing the 3.x version.


For instructions on downloading the version 3.x installers, see the Installation Guides for your programs or contact Product Support at 1-800-283-5974. 


Sep 14

Important Notice for Teachers and Administrators Using READ 180 Next Generation & System 44 Next Generation on Chromebooks

Students using READ 180 or System 44 Next Generation on Chromebooks and desktops using Chrome OS 60 or later and connected to a locally-installed district or school server will be unable to move past the microphone check or record activities in these programs. Contact the Help Desk at 1-800-283-5974 if your students are stuck in the program as a result of this bug. (Note that Chromebooks using earlier versions of Chrome OS are not affected.)

HMH is working on a solution to this issue and will release an update as soon as it is available.


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