Into Learning

Into Learning offers fully integrated next-generation solutions developed to support students in reaching their fullest potential as readers, learners, and problem solvers. We asked teachers and leaders to share their voices, and work with us to create a program that speaks to their day-to-day needs. The result of this collaborative effort are solutions that provide teachers with the flexibility to organize and customize instruction that works for their unique classroom needs.

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What We Heard

About 50 percent of teachers need support in guiding your students in persuasive writing techniques.

Over half of you shared that your math instruction is guided by state standards.

A strong home connection is vital as over half of teachers conference with students’ family less than once a month.

Our Solution, Your Vision

From extensive surveys to face-to-face meetings, HMH® has immersed itself in your feedback. The Into Learning philosophy was born out of your vision: invest in learning as a journey and change the trajectory of a student’s life.

Into Learning combines streamlined teacher support with data-driven instructional practices to tailor support for every learner. Resting firmly on a foundation of self-actualized learners, the same holistic instructional approach can be applied to elevate entire learning communities, in your classroom and beyond. 

Invest in You

Confident teachers are the backbone of engaging instruction. By investing in your professional development, we’re ensuring you’re supported in guiding your students on the path to proficiency.

Create Thinkers, Learners, and Doers

Transforming learning into an exciting exploration starts with ensuring every student is equipped with the tools, supports, and confidence they need to discover the fullest expression of what learning can be.

Foster a Culture of Growth

Study after study shows student mindset to be the single biggest determinant of student success. By embedding mindset strategies into each of its lessons, the Into Learning suite of programs facilitates mastery by activating student agency.

A Focus on Growth Mindset

Shifting students’ mindsets from fixed to growth means empowering students to understand that they can learn. As students put forth effort and witness their own success, they will continue to challenge themselves as learners. 

Into Learning solutions embed growth mindset strategies into every lesson while ensuring educators have instant access to the professional development supports they need to be facilitators of student agency.