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HMH Field Trips

Bring the world to your classroom

Where will your instruction take you?

Imagine being able to explore the farthest corners of the earth, go back in time, or join a mission to Jupiter. . .all without ever leaving the classroom.

For 180 years, HMH has created engaging and effective instructional content designed to inspire the curiosity that fuels student-led learning. As technology advances, our reach only continues to broaden. Today, we are proud to deliver a new, immersive learning experience: HMH Field Trips. Experience a whole new way to learn.

Ignite Curiosity

Innovative, technology-based lessons ignite curiosity about the world, its cultures, and the role students play in our global economy.

Inspire Exploration

360-degree views inspire students to explore the details that make a people, a culture, or a natural wonder..

Encourage Reflection

Integrated, cross-curricular lessons guide students in reflecting on the interconnectedness of our world.

Fieldtrips Experience

The VR Experience

As a Google® partner, we have developed 360-degree virtual field trips that allow students to travel through history, explore the world, and witness scientific wonders without ever leaving the classroom. Augmented by detailed lesson plans aligned with specific learning objectives, the virtual reality experience guides students through fully immersive, self-directed learning experiences. Discover the power of purposeful technology!

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Student-directed learning

By turning their heads or looking up and down, students explore virtual landscapes—focusing in on elements that excite them. Driven by student curiosity and designed to promote student-led learning, students are the drivers in their journey.

Teacher-directed instruction

Teachers use a tablet to lead the expeditions, monitor where students are in the virtual reality experience, pause a trip to direct students to look at a particular part of an image, and control which images students see within an expedition.

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A roadmap for exploration
  • Take students behind the scenes at NASA, into caves, and through ecosystems to empower them to embrace real-world science.
  • Guide your students as they travel through history to experience cultures and locations beyond their home state.
  • Make language come alive as you travel with students to the countries they are learning about in each unit of ¡Avancemos! and Bien dit!®

Learn how HMH Field Trips can take your students out of the classroom and into the world.

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Turn today’s students into tomorrow’s innovators

When you harness students' natural curiosity, you inspire investigation, exploration, and problem solving. HMH science programs are designed to open students' minds to a world of scientific thinking by encouraging the student-directed learning that promotes a deeper understanding of concepts. Watch what happens when you bring science to life with any of our 24 Science Virtual Expeditions.

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Social Studies

Connect students to the stories that make us who we are

When you challenge assumptions and encourage critical thinking, you give students the foundation they need for success in college, career, and civic life. HMH social studies programs are designed to create a new arena where students can relive, re-imagine, and reflect on the past and present. Broaden horizons by taking students on a trip around the world.

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World Languages

Inspire conversations across cultures

Give students the ability to communicate in multiple languages and the power to bridge the divide between cultures. HMH world language solutions link culture and language in a way that inspires students to communicate with confidence. Immerse your students in a journey of bilingualism and a cross-cultural experience. The world awaits.

Learn how HMH Field Trips can take your students out of the classroom and into the world.