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Learn from today's brightest minds in education by joining us for conversation and commentary on the issues affecting our classrooms.

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Classroom Strategies, Culture, and Community

In this webinar, Amy, an award-winning READ 180 teacher, will discuss her experience with the program and offer insights on how to develop a positive culture and community in her… Watch now
Amy Dendinger
READ 180 Classroom Teacher & Expert

Equity, Evidence, and Efficacy in Meeting Academic Needs of English Learners

In this webinar we will explore meeting the academic needs of English Learners by discussing: Equity: What it is; rigorous programs; instructional materials; technologiesEvidence: Assessments that reflect… Watch now
Elena Izquierdo, Ph.D.
Author, Escalate English, Associate Professor, Dual Language Education / Biliteracy / ELL Education, University of Texas, El Paso
56 Minutes

Developing a Culture of Growth

In this interactive webinar, Anthony will help attendees understand the theory and research behind growth mindset, internalize mindsets about their own learning and develop strategies for feedback that inspires growth. Watch now
Anthony Colannino
ICLE Senior Fellow
57 Minutes

Leadership for Equity and Excellence

While race and culture remain important variables in how young people experience schools, educators and school personnel often misunderstand them. Building on the work of three studies that investigated schools… Watch now
Dr. Tyrone C. Howard
Professor and Associate Dean, UCLA
60 Minutes

Tools for Building a Productive Academic Vocabulary Toolkit

Productive word knowledge, the ability to competently use a word in speech and writing, is pivotal to school and workplace achievement. Drawing on scholarship and extensive classroom experience, Dr. Kinsella… Watch now
Dr. Kate Kinsella
Author, English 3D, San Francisco University, Center for Teacher Efficacy
60 Minutes
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