The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides the opportunity for states and districts to shape the future of your schools—and your students’ lives. The act raises standards for the whole classroom and provides a more rigorous standard for proving what’s working.

ESSA contains a new set of goals that place more emphasis on:

  • Evidence-based practices that are proven to work
  • Investment in innovation
  • Social-emotional needs of students
  • Heightened standards of excellence

Schools and districts are being asked to launch students’ learning earlier in life, give special attention to struggling learners, and better prepare teachers. Our programs and services have been designed and tested with ESSA standards in mind.

Strong Evidence

A well-designed, well-implemented experimental study (i.e., randomized control trial).

Moderate Evidence

A well-implemented quasi-experimental study (i.e., matched treatment and control groups).

Promising Evidence

A well-implemented correlational study with statistical controls for selection bias.

Demonstrates a Rationale

A program or practice, under evaluation, that does not yet demonstrate evidence, that is based on higher quality research that's likely to improve student outcomes.