Educator Confidence Report

Welcome to HMH’s 7th Annual Educator Confidence Report (ECR). For the past six years, the ECR has given educators a forum to share their views on the state of education, the teaching profession, and the prevailing needs of students.


Educators weigh in on the state of the teaching profession

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    The challenges of a year defined by the uncertainty of the pandemic have had a profound impact. Only 38% of educators have a “somewhat” or “very positive” view of the state of the profession, the second lowest ranking since the ECR was launched six years ago. Overall, educator confidence fell from an index of 49 (out of 100) in 2020 to 42.7 in 2021.

Teachers Need Support

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Top 3 Most Helpful Contributions to Educator Well-Being
  1. More time for myself during the day
  2. More personal resources to support mental and physical health
  3. More clearly delineated job responsibilities
Top 3 Things That Educators Need From Families
  1. Understanding that our priority is their child
  2. Acknowledgment that we are doing our best
  3. More family-teacher interaction

This year’s report shows a movement from digital promise to digital proof.

Despite a tumultuous year, teachers report they are more confident in their use of technology, a positive outcome that paves the way for a future classroom that is high-tech and high-touch.

  • 77% believe technology will help them be more effective

  • 73% reported using online assessments in their classroom

  • 95% have experienced benefits from using technology

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    EdTech Makes a Difference

    The majority of teachers (71%) said they experienced at least one of these three benefits of EdTech:

    1. Improved student engagement
    2. Differentiated, individualized instruction
    3. Flexible access to instructional content
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    Digital learning shows promise, despite slower student progress last year.

    While educators reported seeing positive impacts from digital learning, many said that students made less progress than usual last school year. Seven out of ten educators believe that targeted resources will be necessary to address learning gaps.

Teachers worry that students' SEL needs will continue to grow due to the pandemic.

The future of education is high-tech and high-touch

Educators gave us a glimpse into the classrooms of the future. These look nothing like the classrooms many of us remember.

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    80% of teachers ranked customized learning in the top 3.

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    75% of teachers ranked tech that connects instruction and assessment in the top 3.

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    77% of teachers say EdTech will help them become more effective.

Last year was difficult, but the future remains bright.

Educators continue to enthusiastically engage—in person—with their students. There is no question that classrooms are more than a vehicle for learning. They offer friendship and community, and they give many students a safe place to socialize and grow.

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