Carmen Sandiego

Explore geography, history, and culture with the globetrotting hero.

Join Carmen Sandiego on all-new adventures

Carmen Sandiego™, the ever-elusive super-thief, is back to lead a new generation of curious explorers! Known for her beloved video games and TV shows, Carmen is a champion for world culture, history, and geography. Follow her adventures and teach your students about cultural awareness and empathy.

Watch Carmen’s new Netflix® series, join her crew, and help your students become fearless adventurers from their very own classroom! Read on for more details and activities.

Who is Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen Sandiego was first spotted in 1985, starring as the world’s greatest thief in a series of video games and TV shows. A protector of world culture, Carmen only steals to defend it—returning cultural treasures to their home countries.

As students follow the story of this strong Latina hero, they learn about geography, history, and diversity. Carmen’s adventures are an excellent way to enable discussions around social-emotional learning, cultural awareness, and empathy.

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