Are We Preparing Students for Non-Existent Jobs?


What will the workplace look like over the next five to 10 years, and what skills will workers need to be employed and successful? This question is key when we think about how we ready today’s students for the world beyond school. Are we giving kids what they’ll need to flourish, or preparing them for a world that will no longer exist when they graduate?

In his latest Rigor & Relevance series post, Dr. Bill Daggett shares what’s needed beyond basic academic success to prepare students for real life. Technology will continue to replace many of the skills that schools still focus on, but through rigorous and relevant learning opportunities, we can ensure that kids are poised for bright futures.

It’s not too late! Join us next week at the 2018 Model Schools Conference to explore what rigorous, Quad D™ learning looks like, and how to bring these crucial experiences into your district or school. See you in Orlando!

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