Meet the 2018 ICLE Model Schools and Innovative Districts

Each year I take deep pride in announcing the schools and districts selected to share their transformational journeys at the Model Schools Conference.

This year's Model Schools and Innovative Districts come from all pockets of the country. They are all unique, yet united in working toward a vision of high achievement and equitable opportunities for all students. They are shaping not just the minds of students, but also their hearts-through strong relationships, a sense of empathy, and high expectations despite challenging demographics.

Each of these inspiring schools and districts persevered on a different path to rapid improvement, and each has a varied definition of success in their own context. Some of these schools and districts had been historically low performing and are now experiencing tremendous growth. Some had always been considered good but refused to be nothing short of great.

In a recent blog post, I described the qualities and criteria we look for in the schools and districts we honor each year. Model Schools and Innovative Districts recognize the need for change, collectively establish a vision, and systematically work together to create a learning environment that enables students of all abilities to thrive. They focus on leveraging individual data to make instructional decisions and personalize instruction; balance rigor and relevance in interdisciplinary learning; and create equity, access and opportunities for all.

Congratulations to the 2018 Model Schools and Innovative Districts!

I hope you'll join us on June 24-27 in Orlando at the 26th Annual Model Schools Conference and explore firsthand how you can apply and adapt their strategies and practices in your school or district to elevate the learning experience. Visit for more information.