HMH & Osmo: Partners in Problem Solving

The power of coding lies in its ability to help kids develop strong problem solving skills.

It helps them think through and test ideas and does so in a way that can be less frustrating and risk free.

That's why HMH has partnered with Osmo to provide the opportunity for great on-screen/off-screen content to get into the hands of millions of students.

And it's why today, together with Osmo, HMH joined the White House’s Computer Science for All (#CSforAll) campaign aimed at expanding computer science (CS) education to every student in the United States. As part of this initiative, HMH and Osmo are partnering to offer coding opportunities and foster computer science skills in more than 4,000 elementary science classrooms nationwide.

Providing access to this type of content can truly impact the number of kids developing into passionate lifelong learners, equipped with the skills they will need to be successful in life.