About Us

We help greatness break through

With world-class literature, comprehensive instruction, actionable data and insights, and industry-leading professional learning, we aim to deliver great outcomes for our students, teachers, readers, and learning communities. We help our partners create the fullest expression of what learning can be—and support thousands of individual learning moments across the world every day.

Driving positive outcomes

Our educational programs are specifically designed to help both students and teachers improve and achieve their goals.  

Leading research and practice

We partner with the brightest minds in educational research to discover how students learn best and to deliver proven programs that drive success.

Commitment to equity

Our books, media, and education solutions are written and designed for all learners because we value equity above all. 

Looking Forward

At The Learning Company™, we are curious—just like the millions of readers, teachers, and students we serve. We are constantly reflecting on what we’ve done to improve on what comes next. As our own learning journey evolves, we direct every moment toward being the best partner that we can be for those who entrust us with their growth.

Here you’ll find the latest progress on our journey. From Carmen Sandiego™ to Music + Math to Innovation for Equity, this is a look at where we are going.

We hope you’ll join us.

Innovation for Equity

See how a diverse group of leaders are coming together to work on improving outcomes for students who need the most support.

Leadership Talks

Learn from the foremost thought leaders in literacy by joining us for conversations and commentary.

Carmen Sandiego

Adventure awaits! Bring Carmen into the classroom with free lesson plans and engaging activities.

Music + Math

Create meaningful and relevant math experiences that inspire students to believe in their ability to become unstoppable problem solvers.

HMH Learning Moments Podcast

Create connections, share stories, and explore the ideas and innovations that will influence the future.

Shaped Blog

Hear directly from nationally recognized thought leaders, acclaimed authors, and educational researchers.

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