Woodcock-Johnson IV Self-Study Kit

Designed to help individuals learn how to administer and use the Woodcock-Johnson IV on their own. The DVD also contains pre- and post-tests to help examiners learning the WJ IV target their strengths and weaknesses.
(Includes the Self-Study Training DVD, tests of Achievement Examiner Training Workbook, tests of Cognitive Abilities Examiner Training Workbook, and tests of Oral Language Examiner Training Workbook.)

  • Product Category: Ability, Language & Communication, Achievement, Clinical & Special Needs, Cognitive/Intelligence, Cognitive/Intelligence, Achievement, Clinical & Special Needs, Ability, Assessment, Language & Communication, Assessment, Assessment, Assessment, Assessment
  • Qualification Type: HIGH
  • ISBN-13/EAN: 9780544934849
  • Title Code: 1588276
  • Component Type: Kits