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    Continuous Improvement

    At HMH, we continually enhance our programs to reflect the latest research. Components recently added to the Online Edition of ¡Avancemos! © 2013 include Integrated Performance Assessments, HMH Spanish Language and Culture Resources for Pre-AP® and AP® Practice, and Modalities Crosswalks to show how ¡Avancemos! content supports language proficiency.

    Mobile-Friendly Online Experience

    ¡Avancemos! Online Editions work on leading tablet devices with no additional purchase or separate apps to buy. Just use the Web browser to log in with the same username and password you use on a computer.

    News and Networking

    Give your students a direct connection to culture with News and Networking online. We provide current, age-appropriate articles and videos; you get your evenings and weekends back.

    Spanish InterActive Reader

    The Spanish InterActive Reader supports the Common Core with selections that are leveled and tied to content areas. The interface provides a rich seamless experience for students—it's not just a bunch of PDFs!

    The Trusted Leader in World Languages

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt World Languages programs continue to provide the unparalleled content and pedagogy you’ve come to expect.

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    • Continuous Improvement

      At HMH, we continually enhance our programs to reflect the latest research. Components recently added to the Online Edition of ¡Avancemos! © 2013 include Integrated Performance Assessments, HMH Spanish Language and Culture Resources for Pre-AP® and AP® Practice, and Modalities Crosswalks to show how ¡Avancemos! content supports language proficiency.

    • Interactive Brochure

      Explore ¡Avancemos! program features through an innovative interactive brochure. Sample videos and technology demonstrations are just a click away.


      Avancemos Interactive Brochures
    • We've Got You Covered

      Rest assured that ¡Avancemos! addresses language learning requirements for today’s Spanish classroom.

      Advanced Placement

      Advanced Placement®

      Throughout all levels of the program, solid foundational skills instruction and practice prepare students for success in AP® Spanish.  Pre-AP® Suggestions in the Teacher’s Edition and Pre-AP Assessment accelerate practice and achievement. NEW! HMH Spanish Language and Culture Resources for Pre-AP and AP Practice supports a gradual progression of skills at Levels 1–4, with Level 4 in the AP exam format. Resources include printable worksheet activities, a Practice Test for each level, readings, audio, graphic organizers, and teaching suggestions.

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      21st Century skills

      21st Century Skills

      Students communicate in authentic contexts that empower them to not only learn Spanish, but also to apply it to the world around them. News and Networking online gives students a path to global participation through a monitored space where they can post comments and read other comments from students around the world! Students can even publish their own articles to the site.

      International Baccalaureate

      International Baccalaureate

      IB students succeed through accurate communication and cultural context. Performance Space, through which students complete book activities online, lets students instantly practice and record spoken assignments.

      Common Core

      Common Core

      ¡Avancemos! complies with ACTFL’s Alignment of the National Standards for Learning Languages with the Common Core State Standards. The Spanish InterActive Reader online supports the Common Core with an emphasis on authentic and informational texts.

    • Scope and Sequence

      The Scope and Sequence provides an overview of the concepts to be covered in a given period of time, as well as how those concepts are addressed over the series as a whole. View the Scope and Sequence to see the progression and order of topic introduction.

      Scope and Sequence (635 KB)

      Tables of Contents

      Select a Level to review the contents of the program.

      Level 1a (2.44 MB) Level 1b (2.71 MB) Level 1 (2.37 MB)
      Level 2 (3.6 MB) Level 3 (3.53 MB) Level 4 (1.84 MB)
    • Correlations

      See how ¡Avancemos! aligns to the NCSSFL/ACTFL Can-Do Statements (2015).

      Level 1 (221 KB)

      Level 1a (223 KB)

      Level 1b (217 KB)

      Level 2 (244 KB)

      Level 3 (230 KB)

      Level 4 (215 KB)

      Modalities Crosswalks show how ¡Avancemos! aligns to the national standards and modes of communication.

      Level 1 (0.8 MB)

      Level 2 (0.9 MB)

      Level 3 (0.8 MB)

      Level 4 (0.5 MB)

      See how ¡Avancemos! aligns to the ACTFL National Standards.

      See how ¡Avancemos! aligns with the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

      Level 2 © 2013 (147 KB)

      Level 3 © 2013 (143 KB)

      Level 4 © 2013 (143 KB)

    • Authors

      Meet some of the featured authors of ¡Avancemos!

    • Value Packages

      ¡Avancemos! package options allow you to choose the configuration that’s right for you at a cost that fits your budget, whether you use a combination of print and online instruction or have a fully digital, paperless classroom.

      Digital Value Plus

      Intended for fully connected classrooms, the digital-only option provides comprehensive online resources for students and teachers—no print components required. Also included is the Student Edition eBook to install on tablet devices for offline use.

      Hybrid Value Plus

      This option is ideal for today’s print and digital classroom, with the same comprehensive online content as the Digital Value Plus package. In addition, each student receives a print Student Edition.

      Hybrid Value Basic

      This package features the Online Edition, including online teacher resources. In addition, each student receives a print Student Edition.

      Value Packages

      Avancemos Value Packages
    • Testimonials

      Mounds View High School

      Since implementing the ¡Avancemos! program, teachers at Mounds View High School have seen improvement in student test scores and an increase in the number of students continuing to study Spanish for four years. Teachers and students highlight favorite features including lessons rich with Spanish culture and fun interactive activities.

      Liz Rigg, HMH Product Manager and former Spanish teacher, talks about her classroom experience with ¡Avancemos! and shares what a difference the program made in engaging students and building their confidence.

  • Features

    ¡Avancemos! provides the keys to language proficiency with features that engage students in the culture, differentiate instruction, and provide varied opportunities for practice.

    Remarkable Culture

    Remarkable Culture

    ¡Avancemos! takes students on an exciting journey through the diverse Spanish-speaking world with culture woven throughout instruction and practice, including News and Networking articles and videos.

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    Relevant Instruction

    Relevant Instruction

    Differentiation in ¡Avancemos! goes far beyond the textbook, and is built into print and online components such as the Spanish InterActive Reader and @HomeTutor to ensure each student receives the right level of instruction and assessment.

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    Real Interaction

    Real Interaction

    With rich multimedia features such as Performance Space and engaging conversation and recycling activities, students practice all four skills to build language proficiency.

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    Spanish Vocabulary Apps

    Spanish Vocabulary Apps

    HMH Spanish Vocabulary apps let students learn and practice Spanish words and phrases anytime, anywhere. And with the HMH Spanish Vocabulary Online System, teachers can create custom flashcards for students to access via the app.

    Explore More

    Explore More

    • Remarkable Culture

      ¡Avancemos! helps students understand that culture is an integral part of the Spanish language. With remarkable Spanish culture that is focused and in-depth, ¡Avancemos! ensures that cultural lessons are never tacked on as an afterthought. With an understanding of different Spanish-language cultures, your students can truly begin to master the language.


      News and Networking

      News and Networking provides access to high-interest articles and culture videos that are updated throughout the school year. From the latest discovery of a new dinosaur in Canada to Día de los Muertos celebrations, News and Networking provides current information that will get students communicating! Students can add comments that are monitored, submit their own articles for publication on the site, and get help from their Language Coach. Included in the Online Student Edition.


      Comparación cultural

      Whether introducing a unit or comparing vocabulary to that in another country, Comparación cultural highlights the rich culture woven throughout the ¡Avancemos! textbook.

      comparacion cultural

      Cultural mini-lessons

      A selection of cultural mini-lessons is provided at the beginning of each Student Edition at Levels 1A through 3. Focused on holidays, music, and traditions such as Día de los Muertos and Carnaval, these mini-lessons are designed to be used when they fit into your schedule.

      cultural mini lessons

      Cultura interactiva

      Cultura interactiva connects your students to Spanish-speaking cultures. Just click any photo in Online Edition Student Resources to watch an aspect of Spanish culture come to life.

      Cultura Interactiva
    • Relevant Instruction

      Do your Spanish students come to you with varying abilities? Every student is different, and ¡Avancemos! makes differentiation as easy as possible.

      Spanish InterActive Reader

      The Spanish InterActive Reader is included in the Online Premium Add-on Package and the Value Plus packages. The Reader supports the Common Core with a variety of authentic and informational selections at three levels of difficulty.


      Expansión features in the Student Edition provide enrichment for the learners who need an extra challenge.



      The @HomeTutor, provided in the Online Edition, features practice activities at three levels of difficulty. With the @HomeTutor, students can progress at their own pace.

      At Home Tutor

      Cuaderno: práctica por niveles

      The Cuaderno: práctica por niveles provides three levels of practice. This comprehensive workbook aligns with the instructional sequence in the Student Edition.

      cuaderno practica por niveles

      Heritage Learners

      Cuaderno para hispanohablantes and Lecturas para hispanohablantes provide practice activities tailored for heritage and native speakers.

      heritage learners

      Differentiated Assessment Program

      ¡Avancemos! provides four complete testing options online and in print. Each is targeted to assess students with different educational needs: On-level, Modified, Pre-AP®, and Heritage Learners.

      differentiated assessment program
    • Real Interaction

      Through a wide variety of interaction, activities, and frequent recycling, ¡Avancemos! gets students communicating with confidence.

      Integrated Performance Assessments

      NEW Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) allow students to demonstrate proficiency and show what they can do in Spanish. IPAs are focused around five modes/skills: Interpretive Listening, Interpretive Reading, Interpersonal Communication, Presentational Speaking, and Presentational Writing. Support includes rubrics, graphic organizers, audio, teaching suggestions, and “Let’s see what I can do!” checklists.

      • Available at Levels 1A–4
      • Conveniently found in the Online Edition under the Student Resources and Teacher Resources tabs

      Watch Video

      Performance Space

      Performance Space offers a one-to-one virtual environment where students record their answers for every activity in the textbook and in the Spanish InterActive Reader.

      Performance Space

      Student/Teacher Dashboards

      The Student and Teacher Dashboards are included with the Online Edition. These features provide at-a-glance portfolios of work and saved teacher feedback, and encourage greater student accountability.

      student teacher dashboard

      Entre dos

      Entre dos, included for each unit, provides convenient paired conversations that make speaking fun.

      entre dos


      Students can look for the green recycling sign and ¿Recuerdas? throughout the unit to reactivate previously taught material.

    • Apps

      HMH vocabulary apps put fun practice at students' fingertips and extend language learning beyond the classroom.

      hmh spanish vocabulary on iphone

      HMH Spanish Vocabulary

      Practice anytime, anywhere with the HMH Spanish Vocabulary app. This app features a proven flashcard learning system to enhance recall and long-term retention. Created for iPhone®, but also compatible with iPod touch® and iPad®, the HMH Spanish Vocabulary app can be used with any Spanish program.


      • 1,500 flashcards organized into themed lists
      • Native-speaker pronunciation with audio slowdown
      • A searchable phrase book
      • Multiple-choice quizzes
      • Progress tracking
      appStore Badge

      Add Your Vocabulary Lesson to the App

      Expand vocabulary practice with HMH Spanish Vocabulary Online, powered by Transparent Language®. This resource provides a full library of flashcards and activities to help students learn and practice Spanish.


      • Ability to upload teacher-created content with images and audio
      • Vocabulary learning activities
      • Listening, pronunciation, and conversation practice
      • SlowSound Technology
      • Includes all three levels for up to 150 students
    • Available Digital Formats

      Intel Education Study eTextbooks

      ¡Avancemos! Student Edition content can be accessed through a variety of mobile devices via the Intel® Education Study platform. Each Intel Education Study eTextbook is enhanced with interactive features and social sharing tools that meet today’s connected students wherever they are ready to learn.


      HMH eTextbooks

      eTextbooks include all of the content from the print Student Edition. Available for all major devices, additional functionality may include zoom & resize, scroll, text and keyword web search, bookmark, and notes.

      Online Edition

      Online Editions

      Our interactive Online Editions include all of the content of the print textbook, plus ancillary items and interactive elements, such as video and quizzes. With the purchase of Online Student Editions, teachers also have access to all Teacher Resources as well as all Student Resources. Compatible with desktop, laptop, and netbook computers. Online Editions are mobile friendly for leading tablet devices.

  • Sample Online

    We are pleased to offer a preview of our Online Editions.

    Go to my.hrw.com and click Preview, and enter the sample word provided by your Account Executive, brochure, or flyer.


    Quick Start Guide

    Book Pages

    Once online, select a unit, then click the Book Pages tab. Performance Space makes every activity interactive.

    Student Resources

    Next, select the Student Resources tab. News and Networking will keep them coming back for more! The Performance Space Student Dashboard will keep students accountable.

    Teacher Resources

    Click the Teacher Resources tab. All you need is under one tab, plus Interactive Whiteboard Activities and the Performance Space Teacher Dashboard.


    The Downloads tab provides audio and video in downloadable format.


    Now, select the Premium tab. Looking for a way to get students excited about reading? Take a look at the InterActive Reader.

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