Placement Tests and Assessment

Maximize instructional time using Literacy by Design’s® streamlined assessment tools. Tools for Placement, on-the-spot assessments, and measuring long-term progress combine to give a comprehensive view of each student’s progress. Literacy by Design assessments will evolve with PARCC and SBAC to ensure your students are prepared on national exams.

GMRT Books

Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests (GMRT)

The Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests® (GMRT®) is a valid, reliable assessment that pinpoints strengths and development areas in comprehension, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, and vocabulary. Use the GMRT as a diagnostic assessment to determine individual reading levels for placement in reading instruction.

A mid-year form of the GMRT provides formative assessment data on gains in student progress, and the GMRT is revisited at the end of the school year to provide a summative view of student progress.

Using the GMRT’s Interactive Results Manager™ (iRM™), teachers can quickly create ranked class, building, and system lists of student scores; save reports as PDF files; and export data to Microsoft® and Excel®.

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Our online product tour shows you how easy it is to test and place students and use the iRM to analyze assessment data to drive instruction.

Assessment Tool Chart

Reliable Tools for Assessment and Progress Monitoring

Online Assessment

With convenient Online Assessment tools, teachers can assign Literacy by Design assessments or create their own tests. Both online assessments and paper-pencil tests can be scheduled and assigned through the Teacher Gateway, and paper-pencil tests can be printed.

Watch it in action (Grade 1)

Watch it in action (Grade 4)

Benchmark Books

Benchmarks for Ongoing Evaluation

Benchmark Books with quick accuracy checks provide ongoing assessment and help teachers determine when students are ready to move up and feature:

  • Leveled passages for assessing fluency
  • Eight titles per grade level with one fiction and one nonfiction selection for each title
  • All levels available online
Theme Progress Tests

Theme Progress Tests

Tests accompanying every theme assess student mastery of vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, word study, grammar, writing, and literary analysis skills. Reteaching suggestions help teachers better prepare students for the cumulative mid- and end-of-year Theme Progress Tests. Extended-response questions are open-book and allow students to find text evidence for their answers.

Ongoing Test Practice

Ongoing Test Practice

Standardized test practice is built into the Literacy by Design structure, allowing students to apply their learning in a testing environment to ensure better cumulative results. Extended response questions give additional practice for students to write about their reading and use text evidence.

Writing Assessment with Sample Papers

The Literacy by Design Writing Assessment Rubric in the Writing Resource Guide allows teachers to determine a student’s developmental stage of writing and confidently build a plan for next steps in writing instruction.

Rubrics for Differentiation

Rubrics for Differentiation

Rubrics built into Comprehension and Writing Bridge Cards allow for on-the-spot assessment, enabling teachers to address specific skills and individual needs.