Common Core

Content and Learning Progressions

Math Expressions Common Core focuses on the priority core concepts at each grade level, identified by the Common Core State Standards, to build in-depth understanding of major mathematical ideas. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are incorporated into all of the lessons in the Math Expressions program.

Inquiry-based Learning

In Math Expressions, teachers create an inquiry environment and encourage constructive discussion. Students invent, question, model, represent, and explore but also learn and practice important math strategies. Mathematics content and models connect and build across the grade levels in Math Expressions to provide a progression of teaching and learning that aligns precisely with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

From Research to Results

The Learning Progressions for the Common Core State Standards provide the important connections between mathematics research and the Standards. The Learning Progressions are incorporated into the Math Expressions CommonCore Teacher's Editions.

For more information on the importance of the learning progression to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, download the Learning Progressions Documents for the Common Core Math Standards from the Institute for Mathematics and Education at the University of Arizona.

Standards for Mathematical Practice

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Content indicate what concepts, skills, and problem solving children should learn. The Standards for Mathematical Practice indicate how students should demonstrate understanding. These Mathematical Practices are embedded directly into the Student Edition and Teacher's Edition for each unit in Math Expressions.

Math Talk and the Mathematical Practices

Math Talk is a key feature in every Math Expressions lesson. Math Talk suggestions are an important vehicle used to encourage discussion that supports all eight Mathematical Practices.