Common Core Exemplar Resource Instruction

Close Reading Instruction that Prepares Students for the Common Core Assessments! Grades 6–12

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  • Why?

    Common Core Exemplar Resource Instruction provides a dynamic combination of complexity, quality, and range of texts with which students must engage. In fact, each lesson offers extensive instructional support that both teachers and students need to build knowledge and skills from each text.

    A few of the unique resources embedded within Common Core Exemplar Resource Instruction piece include:

    • Common Core ELA instruction for ALL exemplar texts at Grades 6–12
    • Close reading support to help students analyze complex texts
    • Text-based performance tasks for assessment success

    Common Core Exemplar Resource Instruction augments traditional ELA approaches by providing rich, text-based instruction that warrants close reading and thoughtful conversation. Within the text you'll find a valuable worktext that provides an effective means to develop students’ vocabulary while preparing them for the rigors of the Common Core State Standards.


    Classroom Collaboration


    Think Though the Text


    Analyze the Text


  • Features

    Fill Your Class with Rich, Text-Based Discussion


    Complex texts warrant close reading and inspire thoughtful conversation. Highlighted features of Common Core Exemplar Resource Instruction include:

    Classroom Collaboration

    Classroom Collaboration activities guide students to discuss texts in depth, segment by segment.


    Think Through the Text

    Think Through the Text questions ensure that students comprehend a text during their first read.


    Analyze the Text

    Analyze the Text questions require text evidence that sends students into a deep second read.


    Academic Vocabulary

    Academic Vocabulary instruction provides student-friendly definitions for Tier Two words in each segment.


    Domain Specific Vocabulary

    Domain Specific Vocabulary instruction helps students make sense of Tier Three words.

    Prepare Students for Common Core Assessments


    Complex texts such as the Text Exemplars are likely to appear in the new assessments.

    Performance Tasks

    Performance Tasks lead students through multi-step assignments to analyze and respond to texts.

    Student Checklists

    Student Checklists help students embed quality responses into their written or oral presentations.

  • Purchasing Information

    Please contact your Account Executive or Customer Care to purchase Common Core Exemplar Resource Instruction for your classroom.

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