Why Earobics?

Built to the Common Core

Earobics® © 2014 provides instruction for Foundational Skills, Reading Comprehension, Listening & Speaking, Vocabulary, and Writing, plus complete Common Core reporting for all standards.

Individualized Instruction with Adaptive Technology

After taking online assessments, students use the Earobics adaptive software for phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary.

Proven to Raise Reading Achievement

Earobics has been proven effective in a variety of settings including urban as well as rural districts, with at-risk students, general and special education students, and districts with high numbers of English language learners.

Purposeful Assessment and Comprehensive Reporting

Earobics online assessments will help prepare students for the Common Core Assessments and includes powerful, customizable reporting capabilities.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs

With Earobics, educators have the tools and resources they need to provide flexible classroom instruction for students of all abilities, and help their at-risk learners close the achievement gap before it’s too late.