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Career Pathways®

Work Readiness Preparation Ages 16–Adult

  • Why?
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    Developed Especially for Adults

    Career Pathways was developed with the adult learner in mind. The future sometimes involves unforeseen twists and turns. Enter Career Pathways, a new work readiness series that helps learners draw a straight line between career interests and gainful employment. This series correlates to a host of national competencies and provides learners with essential skills to seek, secure, and succeed in high-interest positions.

    Correlates to a Host of National Competencies

    Career Pathways was built in accordance with the following work readiness competencies

    • Pathways Essential Knowledge and Skills
    • CASAS
    • EFF
    • National Career
    • National Standards in K–12 Personal Finance Education
    • WIA Elements
    • 21st Century Skills
    • PEWM
  • Features

    Connect Education and Employment

    The Career Pathways series equips learners with skills they need for today’s workplace. Collectively, the series supports learners in terms of self-management and social interaction, and provides skills necessary for employment.

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    • Content Areas
      digital literacy

      Digital Literacy

      Digital Literacy provides all the essential tools for understanding and using computers, smartphones, and modern communication systems. The book pares down the often over-complex world of digital devices and offers a no-nonsense approach to functioning in the digital world. From social media to online banking, this publication provides even the most rudimentary learner with all they need to both understand and operate technical devices.

      Effective Employee

      Effective Employee equips emerging professionals with the skills, experiences, and intangibles to excel and advance in today’s workplace. An engaging narrative and high-interest features help learners unlock the secrets to lasting success.


      Employment Essentials

      Today’s industries—and employer needs—are shifting at light speed. Employment Essentials helps job seekers get ahead through a series of contemporary strategies designed to produce eye-catching applications, resumes, and cover letters. Each chapter extends an essential work-related topic through a special Pathways feature. These features offer in-depth information about how topics introduced in the chapter impact specific career areas.


      Independent Living

      Of life’s many transitions, the most challenging may occur from adolescence to adulthood. Independent Living provides the foundations to develop lasting social, life, and career skills. Because students learn best by doing, Independent Living includes a series of activities designed to provide opportunities to learn, practice, and apply a variety of real-world skills.

      ind living

      Document Literacy

      In Document Literacy, we put fine print under the microscope. A series of detailed callouts help learners decode and master complex consumer, personal, business, and financial documents. Chapter reviews allow learners to check understanding.


      Green Jobs

      Packed with informative activities and support, Green Jobs provides insight into one of the fastest-growing areas of the United States economy: green industries. An engaging narrative, high-interest features, and a closing career plan—all of which align with Equipped for the Future Standards—help build enthusiasm and skills through a something-for-everyone approach.

      green jobs
    • Program Organization

      This series, which ties to a host of national standards, provides learners with in-depth instruction in high-demand skills that lead to better lives and livelihoods.


      Each workbook features an abridged version of the Table of Contents with key words which help the learner with vocabulary and understanding before they reach the lesson but also in a convenient place to go back and refresh as needed.



      Each chapter begins with a list of student achievement goals and key terms. FYI highlights print and web-based resources that offer a comprehensive approach to learning about and securing jobs in various industries. Top Job features cross sections of jobs within particular sectors and the salary qualifications for each.



      Each lesson features an internal table of contents, an introductory paragraph which explains the document in context, tech tips that offer additional advice on utilizing the web to manage and access documents, and call outs that help learners analyze and understand specific details.

      green jobs lesson pages

      Chapter Recap and Review

      At the end of each lesson is a chapter recap which highlights the student’s goals for each lesson within the chapter and a chapter review containing three types of questions: short answer, true/false, and multiple choice.

      employ recap

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