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Adult Education
Inspiring Adult Learners to Succeed

It’s never too late to learn. Our extensive Adult Education curriculum helps adult learners develop the skills they need to succeed with the GED, in college and, especially, in the workforce.

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GED ® Practice Test and Preparation

Ages 14–Adult

Give your students the tools to complete their GED ® test now! Preparation and practice are essential and our materials provide simulations of the actual GED ® test giving your students the confidence and foundational skills they need. Emphasis on higher-order thinking skills with a focus on core...

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Reentry Prerelease Program

Reentry Program

Ages 10–Adult

The Reentry Prerelease Program will help ensure a successful transition by equipping offenders with the basic knowledge and skills to reintegrate into the community. The program can be used by national, state, and local prerelease reentry programs or facilities. Provide accessible, relevant ...

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Career Pathways

Adult Learning

Ages 13–Adult

By 2018, 15.3 million new jobs are expected to be added to the U.S. workforce. Of those, occupations requiring at least some postsecondary education are expected to experience the highest growth rates. That means employers will need to hire trainable candidates who already possess strong ...

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Adult Education Assessment

Ages 14–Adult

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's GAIN Essentials enhances basic English and math skills for all adult learners and is designed to help students make academic progress through GAIN Review Topics , based on NRS Educational Functioning Levels (EFL). The series follows a consistent lesson format, ...

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Louisiana 100-Hour Reentry Prerelease Program

Louisiana Reentry Program

Ages 10–Adult

The 100-Hour Reentry Prerelease Program supplementary workbook series was developed by HMH in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections Prerelease / Reentry Team. The program requires 100 hours of preparation for offenders prior to release. Provide accessible, ...

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