by Stacey D'Erasmo

This breakout novel from a brilliant stylist—dropping us into the life a female rock star—centers on that moment when we decide whether to go all-in or give up our dreams

  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13/ EAN: 9780544483897
  • ISBN-10: 0544483898
  • Pages: 256
  • Publication Date: 05/05/2015
  • Carton Quantity: 24

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  • About the Book
    An NPR Best Book of 2014 

    A Time Top Ten Fiction Book of 2014 

    A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice 

    A BBC Top Ten Book of 2014 


    "Exquisite...As inspiring in its way as Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids." Los Angeles Times 


    “Briskly addictive . . . Told in the voice of a female rock Ulysses.” —O, the Oprah Magazine 


    “Marvelous . . . D’Erasmo conjures up the seedy, sexy spectacle of life on the road with amazing vividness, and fills in the inner life of a woman who has one last chance to get her voice heard.” —Lev Grossman, Time 


    Anna Brundage is a rock star. She was an overnight indie sensation, but lost her fame just as fast as she found it. Now forty-four, she pours everything into a comeback, selling her famous father’s art to finance an album and a European tour. A riveting look at the life of a musician and the moving story of a woman’s unconventional path, Wonderland is a glimpse of how it feels when a wish just might come true. 


    “Anna made me think of Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, mixed with a little bit of Janis.” — Paste 


    “Richly interior . . . What makes Anna such a powerful narrator is her seductive desire to keep her options open.” — Washington Post


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    “Breakout.” — Vogue 


    “Ingeniously conceived and believable . . . D’Erasmo is a gifted and skillful writer.” — Lionel Shriver, New York Times Book Review 


    “Her story reads like an unusually lucid travel journal . . . In Brundage, D’Erasmo has created a wry, questioning, sensual artist.” — The New Yorker 


    “D’Erasmo’s writing exhibits a life-and-death intimacy that grabs at us.” — USA Today 


    “Stacey D’Erasmo’s exquisite Wonderland . . . succeeds, not through bombast but with beautifully measured, understated writing and meticulous characterization . . . Wonderland’s narrator, Anna Brundage, is so beautifully realized that I wanted to download her music on iTunes . . . a striking evocation of the artist’s quest” — Elizabeth Hand, Los Angeles Times 


    “Dreamy . . . [with] finely tuned prose . . . Given the book’s sensual imagery and magnetic heroine, it’s hard not to wonder what Anna would sound like — I pegged her as some combination of Björk, Florence and the Machine, and Janis Joplin.” — Mother Jones 


    “[A] questing, questioning, melodic narrative . . . Sentence by sentence, Stacey D’Erasmo is a gorgeous writer . . . [with] a vibrant, idiosyncratic voice.” — Minneapolis Star Tribune 


    “Briskly addictive . . . Some sentences dance like wind chimes in a hurricane; others evanesce . . . D’Erasmo expertly conjures the seductive uncharted space that lures the sculptor, the musician.” — O, The Oprah Magazine 


    “Heartbreakingly intense . . . [a] dramatically satisfying, philosophically complex novel.” — San Francisco Chronicle 


    “The prose constantly achieves the magic trick of seeming both weightless and grounded . . . an evocative exploration of universal themes: the anxieties of middle age, the bittersweet freedom of the creative life, the burden of the legacy a daughter inherits from her father.” — BookForum 


    “D’Erasmo gives us an inside look at a world most of us will never experience. As Anna strives for perfection in her music, you get the feeling she might just make it.” — The Oklahoman 


    “The world of Wonderland is authentic, vibrant, and genuine. Stacey D’Erasmo explores the delight and terror of second chances. A great read!” — Michael Stipe 


    Wonderland is a witty and unflinching novel about life, love, art and sound checks. A deep howl and a bittersweet song, this is D’Erasmo’s best yet.” — Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask, Home Land, and others 


    “There’s a lot in this book that those of us who’ve lived the music life will recognize: the eroticized grind of life on the road; the hothouse environment of the recording studio; the weird state of in-between that defines provisional rock and roll fame. But what’s best about Wonderland is its portrait of a creative spirit. When Anna Brundage is in the zone, she pulls songs from the air; she showers her fans and collaborators in pain and beauty. Wonderland’s insight into how a woman inhabits, feeds, and sometimes undoes her own artistry is rare and profound.” — Ann Powers, music critic, coauthor of Piece by Piece (with Tori Amos), and author of Weird Like Us: My Bohemian America  


    “Like Anna, her unforgettable narrator, Stacey D’Erasmo has found a new sound here: a voice so gorgeous and raw that it captures what it means to be human. D’Erasmo’s prose is lyrical and alive — this is a vital, powerful novel — and Wonderland will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever dreamed of getting a second chance.” — Elliott Holt, author of You Are One of Them 


    “As Robert Mapplethorpe told Patti Smith, this one, Wonderland has the magic.” — Washington Independent Review of Books 


    “[D’Erasmo] combines the delightful worlds of literature and music while bringing out the best in both mediums . . . a rich and exquisitely crafted novel.” — Lambda Literary Foundation 


    “[Wonderland] delicately melts together a captivating story, artistic language and meaningful imagery.” — NeuralPop 


    “A cool, dreamy read, by turns drug-fueled, anxious, touched by grief, blistering with the heat of survival instinct . . . delicious.” — Black Heart 


    “A must-read for any up and coming artist to grizzled veteran.” — Femmusic 


    “[D’Erasmo writes] artfully and insightfully, giving Brundage a no-nonsense, road-worn tone that leaves equal room for pathos and humor . . . D’Erasmo is particularly good at capturing the randomness and joy of the creative process [and] thoughtfully addresses aging, art and relationships.” — Kirkus Reviews 


    “A spellbinding look into the protagonist’s being . . . meticulously crafted . . . Days and shows pass, but within this routine, a transformation slowly creeps into the narrative: that of commitment, and, perhaps, hope for the future.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review 


    “Anna is an irresistible narrator. D’Erasmo brings us inside the music and the musician’s psyche in this transfixing song of a self evolving through discovery, loss, and renewal.” — Booklist, starred review