Explorers of the New Century

by Magnus Mills

Set in what feels like the Great Age of Exploration—the era of Shackleton, Perry, and Amundsen—EXPLORERS OF THE NEW CENTURY tells the story of two teams racing across a nameless frozen expanse, each seeking to be the first to reach the AFP, or Agreed Furthest Point (which might as well stand for the South Pole, or the top of Everest, or deepest cave). The AFP is worth reaching because it has been acknowledged as there. Accompanied by their suffering mules and driven by their determination to push themselves to the limits and beyond, each team proves its mettle. But the cost is high--each step strains their limited resources, each calculation becomes a matter of life and death. Magnus Mills, one of the great fabulists in the English language--a cross between Hemingway and Kafka--has taken the exploration story and given it a haunting twist. The great drama doesn't involve reaching the AFP, but in what we learn about the explorers along the way.

  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13/ EAN: 9780156030786
  • ISBN-10: 0156030780
  • Pages: 192
  • Publication Date: 03/20/2006
  • Carton Quantity: 60

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    When Magnus Mills gives the world a shake, you never know what might fall out of his pockets," proclaims the Los Angeles Times. In his terse new tour de force of a tale, Mills gives history a shake, and you'll never guess what the fallout is. Set at the dawn of the great age of exploration, the era of Shackleton and Perry and Scott, the book presents the adventures of two intrepid teams, both vying to reach the AFP, or Agreed Furthest Point-a worthy, even ennobling cause. The competition is friendly but conditions are extreme. To get through the arid, lifeless landscape, both teams must learn to make sacrifices, sacrifices that will change just about everything.

    Mills burst on the literary scene a decade ago with The Restraint of Beasts, a novel Thomas Pynchon called a "demented, deadpan-comic wonder." This new work proves that he has become a master storyteller whose books are each "as welcome as a warm bus on a rainy day" (The Oregonian).

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    "Dark and funny . . . A witty, intricate fable about a working-class hell constructed by its own inhabitants." -THE NEW YORK TIMES

    "The Restraint of Beasts, designed both to amuse and to alarm, resembles an electrified fence: once you've grabbed hold there's no letting go."-THE NEW YORKER