Girls Like Me

by Lola StVil

Girls Like Me is a fresh poetic take on teen angst, high school romance, and cyber-bullying. A novel-in-verse that is campy like Glee, subversive, and downright funny. 



  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN-13/ EAN: 9780544706743
  • ISBN-10: 0544706749
  • Pages: 320
  • Publication Date: 10/04/2016
  • Carton Quantity: 24

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    I whip out fake smile reserved for 

    Monday mornings, cheerleaders 


    Kara stitches series of mom-esque words 

    Forming dubious praise

    “Your face is so pretty this morning” 

    = You look fat

    “I made egg white omelets and wheat toast” 

    = So you will no longer be fat

    “It’s nice out. You should walk home today.” 

    = So you can be less fat

    Kara is stuck 

    With me 

    Shay Summers: pretty-faced fat girl who 

    Reads. Writes. Thinks. 

    Too much

    Dad died 

    Selfish, Dad, very selfish.

    “Don’t be late for school” 

    = Don’t stay behind, pig out, get more fat

    Flashes her best fake smile 

    The one she keeps in the freezer 

    So that it stays 




    “See you later”

    Finally alone, I call on my friends: 

    Breakfast burrito. Banana cream pie. Butter.

    They are all missing 

    There’s been a massacre

    Kara’s soldiers: 






    Wiped out all my friends 

    Not even condiments 


    I recall 

    My love

    Could it survive savage, unprovoked attack? 

    Scour area 

    Attempt rescue

    No survivors 

    Rest in peace, 

    Apple-wood bacon

    Flash of red packaging 

    Resembles my lover’s face

    A prayer 

    A hope 

    Fragile but real

    Pull in closer 

    Oscar Mayer Bacon! 

    Turkey bacon? 

    All is lost . . .

  • Reviews
    "...readers will find this fast read thoroughly authentic and enjoyable." 



    "[Shay's] clever, matter-of-fact voice soars, and readers will find it impossible not to root for her as she learns to accept herself and believe that other people can do the same." 



    "This funny, heart-wrenching novel celebrates those who don’t fit into society’s mold and the people who love them as they are. Even if the popular crowd at Shay’s school doesn’t appreciate her wit, compassion, and courage, readers will." 

    —Publishers Weekly 


    "Dynamic story of grief, loyalty, and, finally, some cheerworthy victories."