Big Day for Prekindergarten Assessment for Early Learners

Informal and Formal Assessment Tools Help Monitor Progress in Prekindergarten

Big Day for Prekindergarten Assessment Overview Assessment Overview

Responding to children's needs and differentiating instruction based on children's progress is critical in preschool. That's why Big Day for PreK includes both formal and informal assessment tools, and helps prekindergarten teachers know when to assess children, what early-learning skills and concepts to assess, and what to do once teachers have gathered the information.

Big Day for Prekindergarten Informal Early Learning Assessment Tools

The Teaching Guides prompt teachers to observe children during all parts of the day, including during whole-group and small-group activities. Observation guides, checklists, and records are provided to help preschool teachers track children's progress and plan responsive early childhood instruction accordingly.

Big Day for Prekindergarten Classroom Observation Guide Classroom Observation Guide
Big Day for Prekindergarten Individual Observation Guide Individual Observation Guide

Big Day for Prekindergarten Formal Assessment Tools

Big Day for Prekindergarten Sample Student Report Sample Student Report

Big Day for PreK includes Early Childhood Inventory (ECI), a child-friendly, formal, one-to-one assessment tool. ECI monitors progress in five key domains that have been shown to be most predictive of kindergarten readiness:

  • Oral Language Development
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Alphabet Knowledge
  • Mathematics
  • Social-Emotional Development