Scales of Independent Behavior-Revised

  • Scoring

    A variety of scores are available to examiners using the SIB-R:

    • SS
    • PR
    • AE
    • instructional and developmental ranges

    In addition to the developmental and peer comparison scores, examiners can obtain an RMI for each subscale and cluster in the test.

    The SIB-R contains a functional limitations index, which can be used to define the presence and severity of adaptive behavior limitations. This measure is similar to the functioning levels in the SIB, but has been improved in the SIB-R by using more descriptive language to predict functional levels and limitations.

    The Support Score is a weighted measure of maladaptive and adaptive behaviors that is used to determine the support, supervision, and resources an individual needs. It is categorized into six broad levels of support: Pervasive, Extensive, Frequent, Limited, Intermittent, and Infrequent or No Support. Higher scores reflect increased functional independence and a decreased need for support, while lower scores indicate a need for an increase of support services.

    Interpretation Options

    Broad Independence General Maladaptive Index
    Motor Skills Internalized Maladaptive Index
    Social Interaction and Communication Skills Asocial Maladaptive Index
    Personal Living Skills Externalized Maladaptive Index
    Community Living Skills  

    System Requirements

    Please be aware the SIB-R scoring software requires a 3.5” high density disk drive and may not be compatible with operating systems released after Windows XP.

    For Windows®

    • Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/NT® operating system
    • PC with 486 processor
    • 8 ® MB of free RAM
    • 3.5” high-density disk drive
    • VGA monitor
    • 2 MB free hard disk space
    • mouse or compatible pointing device
    • printer supported by Microsoft Windows

    For Macintosh

    • Apple® Macintosh computer with a 68020 processor
    • Apple system software 7.5.5 through 9.2.2
    • 5 MB of free RAM

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