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  • Grades K to 8 available
  • Includes up to 5 children
  • Thousands of math problems
  • Hundreds of help videos
  • Fun games and rewards
  • Based on a curriculum used by more than 7 million children
  • Thousands of practice problems
  • Fun videos
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  • Math help tips for parents
  • Easy to follow

We make math fun!

  • Trusted Curriculum

    Based on our popular school curriculum used by more than 7 million kids worldwide.

  • Practice, Practice

    Choose from thousands of practice problems to help build fluency and confidence.

  • Homework Help

    Choose skills to work on as needed for test prep or to get through homework challenges.

  • Motivating

    Unlock rewards and build up your own arcade of math games to play.

  • Independent Learning

    Easy for children to follow along on their own, without teacher or parent guidance.

  • Over 700 Videos

    Helpful lessons delivered by expert teachers that make learning math fun.

  • Fun Learning

    Kids can customize the experience by choosing their own theme—sea, space, jungle, sky.

  • Fun Learning

    The standards focus on core concepts which give students the time needed to master them.