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Getting to the Core of Reading

Journeys Common Core brings you the most up-to-date reading and literacy program designed to help implement the Common Core Standards.

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The Educator’s Utility Belt

Everyone gets stuck on homework from time to time. No worries. HMH has the resources your students need to excel. From CliffsNotes resources to the world of McDougal Littell Biology and more, all the help they need is now at your – and their – fingertips.

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Biozine lets students browse feature articles correlated to McDougal Littell Biology, explore science news feeds, read biology updates, and more.


In The News

Elementary school students can read about current events, browse photo galleries, and take informative news quizzes in this fun, interactive eMagazine.


Current Events

HMH Current Events breaks down the world of news by educational discipline for middle and high school students.


CliffsNotes Writing Guides

Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes and polish up your writing skills! CliffsNotes articles can help you in your English classes and when doing homework, writing term papers, and taking tests.


CliffsNotes Study Guides

Get help doing your homework assignments, writing term papers, and taking tests in the areas of Accounting, Government, Economics, History, and Management.


American Heritage® Dictionary

Put a treasure trove of vocabulary at your fingertips with The American Heritage® Dictionary, the premier resource for the meanings, origins, proper pronunciation, and usage of English words. Our deluxe 5th edition contains over 10,000 new words and senses, along with up-to-date usage guides and dazzling images.

A full range of other editions is also available, adapted to the needs of all levels of learners. These and many other related resources are available for purchase on our website.